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23040, the average number of hours an educated person spends in school. That’s 23040 hours of our life we’ve spent waiting for snack break, lunchtime, and dismissal.


Hehe, I’m just kidding.




School, a place, a word, that triggers a thousand memories, a thousand things learned and a thousand things we did or didn’t do. But how do we make these 23040 hours count for something, how do we make our school experience as meaningful and useful as the time we invest in it.       


Studying at NAFL for the past two years and counting has been instrumental in helping me throw my personality out in the open, access a wealth of knowledge, meet like-minded students and realize that going to school could, in fact, be fun. The student body at NAFL is positively bursting with talent; from brilliant athletes to thoughtful writers, splendid photographers, creative artists, passionate dancers, soulful musicians, or even hysterical comedians.


The list is just endless.


I hope that ‘The Write Way’ can be a platform for all the immense talent to shine. Our potential as a group of students is limitless so I thought, why not give back to our school? And that’s when the NAFL E-magazine idea was born.


I was hesitant at first and admittedly so, it was an ambitious idea that would require tons of effort; planning, organizing and coordinating to create a platform that was worthwhile in a short period of time. But my fears, I soon found, would not be hindrances but rather a demonstration of the collaborative effort NAFL embodies. I found help any direction I looked, be it my friends' support or Ms.Renita who encouraged me to pursue the idea when I was sure I would have to give up. Or our ever enthusiastic principal, Ms. Indira, who gave us a green light at the very mention of the project and gave us all the freedom we would need to get the job done. Ms. Shilpa provided us with invaluable inputs and helped us steer through whenever we were overwhelmed and confused. It would be remiss on my part to omit thanks to Ms. Mamta, who let us run into the computer lab whenever we were free, and constantly cheered us on. But the magazine wouldn’t ever be a reality without the fervor of the magazine committee.

Each and every one of them came up to me with suggestions, criticisms,  innovative ideas, feedback and I honestly want to say all of that mattered. The blood, sweat, and tears all of them put in, spending their free time; writing articles, illustrating, collecting pieces, and taking photographs, without which there would be nothing to show today.


A special shout-out to Sanjay and Kaustubh for laying the foundation of the site you see today. I am also grateful to Meghana for being a steady pillar of support, despite our differences, and Tanisha for being such an enthusiastic contributor behind the scenes, always hoping for the betterment of our e-magazine initiative. I hope that we will build a culture of teamwork, and artistic encouragement in our school in ‘The Write Way’ (aha). I hope the effort a small group of us put in will pave the way for more students to take initiative and fearlessly build on their ideas.


As for the E-mag: it’s only the beginning and I genuinely look forward to writing more, editing some more and working with everyone all over again. Before I sign off my very first magazine article here’s some food for thought:


“If you dream it, you can do it” - Walt Disney


- Sandhya Garimella

EDITOR (2017-2018)

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